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Rocket Men 5

Rocket Men 5 VHS Video  


Grab this video if you love watching mammoth rockets. Florida's "Down Right Ignorant" group, Chuck Sackett, Dennis Lamothe, Mike Ward, and Will Meyerriecks, launched the largest beast ever recorded on a Rocket Men Video, 34 feet (10 meters) tall! Powered by fourteen engines, this monster will glue you to the television from glorious take off to gentle touchdown. You'll meet the men responsible for this fabulous achievement. Hold on to this video and experience vertical drag racing! The Magnum Drag Race, 7 identical K550 powered rockets, will blow you away. Try to choose the winner before launch. Enjoy unusual flying machines. You'll see exciting ultrascale spaceships built by high power rocketry's finest craftsmen. Check out Chuck Sackett's Maxi World Federation Star Probe, Jim Cornwell's Mosquito, Christopher Smith's Photon Disruptor, Daun Barber's Mega Vega and more. You'll love Rocket Men 5's people, rockets, smoke, flame, and noise.

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